Reinforcement effects of rock-bolts and proposal of its design in irrigation tunnels

April 01, 2015

◆Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (JSPS) "Scientific Research (C)"

◆SHIBATA Toshifumi

◆FY2015 - FY2017

This study presents the interaction between ground and concrete linings, distribution of load, and the failure mode with/without reinforcement of rock-bolts based on the model test results. Numerical computation is carried out to show the optimum design such as the number of rock bolts, their position, length, angle, and so on. Additionally, parameter identification of the ground strength is shown based on the experimental and the computational results, and numerical prediction of the long-term deformation using identified parameters is performed. The design method of the rock-bolt reinforcement in the irrigation tunnels is shown by the inverse approach.