Study on allopatric speciation in plants

June 08, 2020


  • Assoc. Prof. IKEDA Hajime


Study on allopatric speciation in plants

Allopatirc speciation is the typical process of formation of new species. The mechanisms how allopatrically distributed species established reproductive isolation is not well studied. I am interested in genetic mecnahisms driving reproductive isolation between allopatrically distributed species or intraspecific lineages.

At present, we try to integrate all useful environ-
By investiging genetic variation, I have revealed intraspecific genetic divergence in various alpinte plants. I focus on this genetic divergence for studying mechanisms of allopatric speciation because that such genetic divergence provides a good system to understand evolutionary processes following geographic isolation.

Biogeography of arctic-alpine and alpine plants

Arctic-alpine plants have enormous ranges encompassing the Arctic as well as higher mountains at lower latitude. Their ranges have been established by range shifts following the Pleistocene climateic oscillations, cycles of glacial/cold and interglacial/warm periods. I am interested in (i) when and how arctci-alpine plants established such a vast range and (ii) how they adapte to various environmental regimes such as light environments and tempareture that drastically varies along latitude.

I am tracking the first issue by investigating genetic variation from worldwide samples of arctic-alpine plants by collaborating with sevarl laboratory in Norway, USA and BC. I am challenging the second issue by implementing genetic and physiological approaches using model plants.


  • Assoc. Prof. IKEDA Hajime

  • Integrated Genomic Breeding, Okayama University

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