Development of cultivation method of micro algae for recoverying phosphorus and astaxanthin from wastewater

April 01, 2016

◆Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (JSPS) "Scientific Research (C)"

◆Leader : NAGARE Hideaki

◆FY2016 - FY2018

Our research goal is to establish sustainable sewage system and food security. Phosphorus, an essential element for food production, is one of the scarce resources. Some predicts the food shortage due to lack of phosphorus for growing population in future. In this research, we cultivate special micro algae in wastewater so that the algae accumulate phosphorus as they grow, while the algae produce astaxanthin, a red pigment and one of the antioxidative carotenoids as well. Both phosphorus and astaxanthin are recovered from algal cells following harvesting. The phosphorus is utilized for food production once again, while astaxanthin can be distributed to industries with high value.