Regulatory mechanisms of pacemaker activity for oviductal spontaneous contraction

July 01, 2017

◆Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (JSPS) "Young Scientists(A)"

◆Leader : YAMAMOTO Yuki

◆FY2017 - FY2019

Oviduct is the site for feritilization and early embryonic development as well as the pathway of gametes and embryo in mammals. Disorder of oviductal function causes failure of ferilization, early embryonic loss and ectopic pregnancy in oviduct. Spontaneous rhythmic contraction of oviduct (peristalsis) is necessary for transport of gametes and embryo, however, its regulatory mechanism is still unclear. This project aims to identify the pacemaker cell which generates and regulates smooth muscle contraction, and to clarify its function in bovine oviduct.