Development of durable crop protection technology against broad range of pathogens

July 01, 2017

◆JST Advanced Low Carbon Technology Research and Development Program

◆Leader : NOUTOSHI Yoshiteru

◆FY2012 - FY2017

Nitrogen availability is suggested to be the most important limiting factor for primary production in temperate and boreal forest ecosystems. However, the anthropogenic production of nitrogen compounds has increased, and the total production rate of nitrogen compounds on the earth is doubled relative to the natural condition. These nitrogen compounds are continuously supplied to ecosystems as nitrogen deposition, and forest ecosystems may decline due to nitrogen saturation if the nitrogen deposition continues in large quantities. Therefore, it is important to understand the nitrogen retention capacity of forest soils.
In this study, we try to understand the nitrogen retention capacity of forest soils focusing on the stabilization mechanism of organic matter by mineral-organic interaction.