Neo-lyfestyle of viruses of filamentous fungi

July 01, 2017

◆Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (JSPS) "Innovative Areas"

◆Leader : SUZUKI Nobuhiro

◆FY2016 - FY2020

Several viruses, challenging the concept or rules of viruses, have been discovered from lower eukaryotes. The objective of this project is to reveal the unique neo-lifestyle of Yado-nushi virus 1 (YnV1) and Yado-nushi virus 1 (YnV1) newly discovered from an important pathogen of perennial fruit trees, Rosellinia necatrix. We show that YkV1 highjacks the capsid of YnV1 to hetero-encapsidate YkV1 genomic RNA and replicase and use it as the replication site. Furthermore, viruses with similar mutualistic virus/virus interactions will be found in other eukaryotic organisms to show the generality of the neo-lifestyle.