Genetic assay and study of crop germplasm distributed in Asia

April 01, 2014

◆Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (JSPS) "Scientific Research (A)"
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council
“Introduction and genetic evaluation of foreign plant genetic resources”

◆Leader : KATO Kenji

◆FY2014 - FY2016, FY2014 - FY2018

Plants are the novel resources which can be reproduced, and people has utilized in various ways. The functions and plant species we have already used are so limited, and most of the plant resources remain to be exploited. Asia is ecologically diverse, and is known to be rich in genetic diversity for agronomical traits important for adaptation and stable production under fluctuating global environment. In this project, collaborating with Asian countries, genetic resources of wheat and melon will be introduced and evaluated for evolution study and practical application.