Study on the control of eusociality of naked mole rat based on the gnotobiotic technique

April 01, 2015

◆Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (JSPS) "Scientific Research (B)"

◆Leader : MORITA Hidetoshi

◆FY2015 - FY2017

Naked mole rat (NMR) forms the society of the division of labor system called "eusociality" similar to bee and ant. NMR which can reproduce is only queen, but the mechanism is unknown. To study the mechanism that queen controls the fecundity of other female individuals as a base on a gnotobiotic mouse technique, we perform epigenetics analysis. In addition, we will analyze intestinal microbiota of NMR, evaluate various helper T cell inducibility, and perform a reproduction internal secretion functional analysis and a mating examination.