Arrangements for the Entrance Ceremony, etc. in Association with the Widening of Impacts of the Novel Corona Virus Infection

March 06, 2020

March 6, 2020

Newly Enrolled Students at Okayama University
Parents or Guardians

MAKINO Hirofumi, President of Okayama University

In light of the current situation in which the novel coronavirus infection is spreading within Japan, Okayama University wishes to inform you that the Entrance Ceremony scheduled for Thursday, April 2, 2020 will be held while limiting participation to the persons mentioned below. We understand that all of you who are about to enter this university, as well as your family and other related persons, have been looking forward very much to this day, but from the viewpoint of prevention of the spread of infection, we have concluded that it is necessary to prioritize the securing of safety for everyone. We therefore very much hope to gain your understanding in this matter.

In addition, regarding the schedule for events around the time of the Entrance Ceremony, while we have made no decision at the present time to postpone, etc. these events, it is possible that, depending on changes from now on in the infection situation and government policies, we will make new arrangements for these. In such a case, as we will inform you of the changes on the Okayama University website, we would like to request that you kindly check the website from time to time to obtain the latest information.

Furthermore, in association with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus infection, Okayama University is requesting all returnees and immigrants from regions (including transit) described as having an infection risk of level 2 or over on the overseas travel safety information website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to remain at home to observe their symptoms for 14 days after entry into Japan even if they feel that there is no problem with their physical condition. As newly enrolled students will be expected to behave in the same way, we ask that you avoid all nonessential travel to regions with an infection risk of level 2 or over.

Entrance Ceremony

Date:From 10 a.m. Thursday, April 2, 2020 (as scheduled)
Venue:ZIP Arena Okayama (in the Okayama Prefectural Multipurpose Grounds) (as scheduled)
Participants:Participation is limited to students entering the university in April 2020, Okayama University officials, and related faculty members and staff
* Family members of new university entrants and students other than students entering the university in April 2020 will not be permitted to enter the venue.
Moreover, we ask for the cooperation of students entering the university in April 2020 in ensuring thorough washing of hands and use of a mask when attending the Entrance Ceremony. If you are feeling unwell on the day, we ask that you please do not attend the Entrance Ceremony and that you contact the “3. 学部等別教務担当” shown on p.6 of the University Entrance Guide, to notify the university of your absence.