Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science opened an Okayama University Office in Ho Chi Minh City in collaboration with Dong Nai DOST (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

March 13, 2018

On Friday, March 9th 2018, we held the opening ceremony of Okayama University Office in Ho Chi Minh City in collaboration with Dong Nai DOST in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. This office was opened under full understanding as part of further strengthening exchange with the Department of Science and Technology of Dong Nai Province (Dong Nai DOST). In the ceremony, officials from the Dong Nai DOST and Nong Lam University Ho Chi Minh City also celebrated the opening. Also, not only the five emerging young professors who are in charge of lecturers at the summer school at Nong Lam university Ho Chi Minh City, under implementation on the schedule of two weeks from Monday this week, but also four students of the faculty of agriculture, Okayama University, coming for field practice at both Nong Lam university and Dong Nai DOST attended and celebrated the opening.
Also at the continuing celebration dinner, Dr. Pham Xuan Da, Director General of the National Office in Southern Region, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Vietnam, Dr. Pham Van Sang, Director of Dong Nai DOST, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy, Head of International Cooperation Office of Nong Lam University, Dr. Le Quoc Tuan, Dean of Faculty of Environmental and Natural Resources, and Ms. Ms. Dang Thi Kim Dan, Head of Division/Department of Research & International Cooperation, Van Hien University, came to celebrate the opening and discussed about possibilities of further exchange and collaborative research in the future.