The 1st Okayama University and King Faisal University’s Workshop on Environmental and Life Science

November 25, 2014

The university, together with Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal University, held its first workshop (under the auspices of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia) titled, “Agriculture and Environmentology Science as Advanced Sciences - Food and the Environment considered in collaboration with an oil-producing country in the Middle East” at the Conference Hall in International House on November 13th.

14 teachers in total from both university’s conducted presentations with the topic “Agricultural and Life Science” in the morning, and “Environmental Science” in the afternoon. There were active discussions on each topic.

The group of visitors from the King Faisal University visited the Tsushima Campus and associated facilities and laboratories at the Institute of Plant Science and Resources the following day. In addition to compliments given to Executive Director and Vice-President Nam-ho Huh, in charge of education, there was the exchange of opinions with regard to future exchanges.