First meeting ceremony between fourth graduating class of the “Okayama University–Hue University Graduate School Special Program” and the “foster parents”

April 16, 2012

On April 11th, the fourth graduating class of the “Okayama University–Hue University Graduate School Special Program,” the joint educational program between Okayama University and Hue University in Vietnam, attended a ceremony to introduce themselves to their sponsors, both companies and individuals, known as “foster parents.” The students will shift to the second year of the Master’s Course in the Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science and the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology at Okayama University in April.

The “Okayama University–Hue University Graduate School Special Program” provides an opportunity for Vietnamese exchange students studying in the fields of environmental science and agriculture to obtain their Master’s degree at the Graduate School of Okayama University after completing one and a half years of education in their study field. The “foster parent system” allows companies and sponsors that support this program to contribute scholarships, and pairs them with individual students.

Dr. Kiyoshi Morita, President of Okayama University; Dr. Koji Abe, Director of Education; and Dr. Masaru Araki, Executive Director of Social Responsibility and International Affairs, participated in the ceremony. International students delivered a speech in Japanese, demonstrating the language skills they had acquired in six months at home. They shared their future dreams and their impressions after coming to Japan, and expressed gratitude to their sponsors. The sponsors also delivered a message of encouragement to the students, and both took the first step in the program together with hopes of a bright future.

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