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  • Message from the Dean

    As a leading academic institution, Okayama University's interdisciplinary approach to education aims togive students a GLOCAL perspective-in other words, we want them to think globally and act locally. Our research ranges from small to large-scale studies that involve close collaboration with both local communities and countries around the world because the environmental and agricultural issues we face today require international cooperation.

  • Philosophy and Goals, Organization

    Okayama University seeks to promote the harmonious coexistence between nature and humankind by transcending the boundaries of environmental and agricultural research. Together, our faculty and students work towards the goal of developing a more sustainable society through contributions in food production and safety, bioresource engineering, infrastructure management, sustainable resource management, and environmental conservation.

  • Department Overview

    The Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science encompasses 5 major divisions:Social Engineeringand Environmental Management; Biological and Human Ecology; Resource Management and Sustainability; Bioresource Science; and Agricultural Science.

  • Faculty Directory

    At Okayama University, we strive to provide education, mentorship, and research opportunities of the highest quality when it comes to your chosen specialty. View our directory to get in touch with a faculty member.

  • Faculty Research Overview

    Each educator on our staff is a leading expert in their respective fields. Learn more about the innovative research our faculty is currently spearheading at The Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science.

  • Admissions Policies

    Okayama University is seeking students with a rich liberal education, a sense of ethics, a passion for sustainable development, and the drive to advance academics through hands-on research. We accept domestic and international applicants upon the evaluation of entrance examination results.

  • Degree Requirements

    After completion of the necessary graduation requirements, students will walk away equipped with the knowledge and research skills needed to continue carrying out meaningful, game-changing work in their field of interest.

  • Admissions Requirements

    Our Master's Program and Doctoral Program provides a strong, well-rounded education while offering collaborative research opportunities in environmental, agricultural, and life sciences. Begin your journey to earning MS and PhD degrees from Okayama University!

  • Directions & Inquiries

    The Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science is located in the heart of downtown Okayama City. Visit our Administration Offices for Education and Student Affairs for more information.